45. Who wrote it?

The power was out for about fours hours, but somehow it did not matter to Kori. She sat in front her screen looking at her cursor blink for just about the same amount of time. Why couldn’t she just write on any of the topics in her head fully. The only time she looked away from her screen was to look at the lone candle’s flame dance while illuminating the webs. “Okay Kori, she told herself. Maybe you need to walk about get the blood flowing”. The normal person would think Kori meant pacing or walking to the kitchen and getting a snack, Kori however decided that tonight of all nights was suitable for a walk along the lake.

She sat at the entrance and slipped her shoes on, stopping only to have the water flow off the edges of the roof and onto her feet. She played with the ear of her cat who just sat beside briefly got up, threw up her hood and stepped out into the rain and darkness. As the cold drops pit pattered on her hood a smile formed on her face. This bliss, this peace, Kori wondered why others ran from the rain when it was such a soothing occurrence. The hooting of an owl in a tree near by made her head shot up, the croaking of the frogs on the lake, hearing the light current lap at the shore line, the way the gravel crunched as she stepped slowly, the faint chirp of a cricket. 

“ Images rose in her mind. Her grandfather sitting on that same entrance, she on the steps beneath him looking up at him as he told her stories about the lake. She remembered that lake being the fountain of youth in one story to the resting place of the most beautiful maiden in all lands. To even the site for the greatest pirate battle”. Her grandfather was the reason she became a writer, he was the reason she worked hard to keep the land and house in the family. This was her writing spot. 

“You know… your grandfather would literally leave his grave just to scold you for being out here this late at night, especially in this weather” said a voice behind Kori. She however did not seem startled by this voice in the darkness, she merely turned to the click of a lighter briefly lighting the face of a old man and the glint of the draw of a cigarette. “You know he would take that cancer stick from your lips and call you an idiot”.

“Fair enough ” chuckled the old man “ You never could resist the rain could you, anyway, don’t be unkind to nature love. They give us the day to enjoy the lake, let the creatures of the night hunt in peace”. He said whilst walking away.

“Creatures of the night or you don’t want me disturbing your traps!”


She chuckled at his response and began making her way back. As she neared home, the hooting of the owl made her attention shift from the puddles to in front of her. The outline of a figure walking coming towards her, was clear but it was the glow of the cigarette that made her realise that the person’s head was down. She never knew all the neighbours but this lake was usually inhabited by retirees, this figure walked to up right and with a smoothness, the gravel of the roadway barely crunching under their feet.As they got within ear shot, she cheerily said 


“ Mmhmm” was all the stranger responded as they kept walking.

Weird, she thought, people usually respond around here”. Despite it worrying her that she cold not tell if she just saw a man or a woman, she dismissed it quickly as she climbed the steps to the entrance, greeted by the purrs of her cat, she knew exactly what she was gonna write about. She kicked off her shoes and threw her coat to the floor and rushed to her desk… And the cursor blinks.

“ What the fuck!” Kori was stiff in her chair, she stared at her screen not knowing what to do. She began pinching the inside of her wrist. When she left, her cursor was blinking on a blank page , now she is reading about what happened just about an hour ago in detail. But she never wrote it.

“It doesn’t quite have your flair but I think its good” said a raspy voice from the corner that made Kori’s eyes open wide as she spun to face the figure in the corner. “By the way…Goodnight” as the figure’s head rose and blew out the candle.



Image by guweiz, instagram/deviant art/Tumblr @guweiz , twitter @ttguweiz

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